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Pool Depth

Services & Prices

Full Service Plan

Chemical Only Plan

Pool Cleaning Equipment
Water Testing Kit

This rate includes:

  • Weekly Service

  • Balance your pool water (salt is not included)

  • Empty skimmer basket

  • Inspect all pool equipment

This rate includes: 

  • Weekly Service

  •  Vacuum Pool (As Needed)

  •  Brush Tile, Steps and Walls

  •  Skim Pool (Surface)

  •  Empty Skimmer

  •  Empty Pump Basket

  •  Test Chemicals (Chlorine, PH, Alk. and Salt)

  •  Adjust Chemicals (Chlorine, PH, Alk. and Salt)

  •  Inspect Pool Equipment

Green to Clean

Pool Drain and Clean Up

Pool Bottom Cleaner
Water Testing Kit

​This process includes:

  • Bring the pool back to clean and clear with chemicals.

  • Sanitize the pool and get rid of any algae

  • Clean all equipment and filter if needed

This process includes:

  • Pool drain and clean up

  • Chlorine wash the pool to sanitize it and kill of any algae

  • Clean out pool equipment system and filter

  • Start filling up the Pool

  • Once the pool is filled up we will come back to balance the water with chemicals

Equipment Upgrades & Repair

Free Estimates


  • Pool pump repair and replacement

  • Variable speed pump upgrades and Installation

  • Motor repair and replacement

  • Pump seals replacement and leak fix

  • Booster pump Installation and repair

  • Water feature pump Installation and repair.



  • Filter upgrades and Installation

  • Filter cartridges replacement

  • Repair filter leaks

Control Panels, Automation & Timers:

  • Pool automation set up and upgrades

  • Smart panel Installation repair or upgrades

  • Panel and equipment programming

  • Timers clock repair and Installation

  • Pool panel electrical and breakers


Pool Automatic Cleaners:

  • Pool cleaners repair and Installation

  • Pressure side cleaners

  • Suction side cleaners

Pool Lights:

  • Pool lights replacement and upgrades

  • Colored LED lights

  • White LED lights

  • Traditional bulb lights


Pool & Spa Heaters:

  • Heater Installation and upgrades

  • Natural gas heaters

  • Heat pumps

New Plaster Start-Up
  • A new plaster start-up for your pool is a fine and delicate chemical process. Let us monitor your pool and make sure that your plaster sets and cures properly.

Service Call
  • Have a pool professional come out to repair or diagnose any issue with the pool and equipment.

  • There will be NO CHARGE If we can’t diagnose or find the issue.

  • If additional repairs or equipment needs to be addressed the $90 can go towards the repair job.

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